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BiographyUSA.com also offers unique publishing services including the construction of personalized files for public or private use.  These inexpensive messages can be easily inserted into any personal e-mail !

Below are a few examples to illustrate the many clever possibilities.

E-mail tags can:

... be used to describe a company;

... sell books and other products;

... show pride of membership;

... raise funds for churches and organizations;

... be a low-cost marketing tool;

... show patriotism;

... pass on important messages;

... or share school spirit.

Sales people find them especially useful ...


... e-mail tags can also be modified and displayed on website pages.

E-mail tags such as these are reasonably priced and can be made to order for personal use, for organizations and their members, or for corporations. New and exciting ideas are limited only by your imagination!

Call our offices to request prices and availability.

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